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Ryuji's Arrival!

Last back entry for today! I promise!
I really should redo this one in Comic Life, but I'm feeling lazy :p

-- from Miss.Sarah - (?)
Doro-chan: Ne onii-chan, I think you will like it here!
Continued under here...Collapse )

Miel's Arrival

Wow! It's so funny to look back and see Miel in her stock look, she's changed so much since this story.
Doro-chan was so happy that day to have her new best friend, have things Rreally changed so much?Collapse )

Dorobozaru's First Photostory!

A long, long time ago (it seems) Doro-chan tried to make some muffins...Collapse )

Hello! Hello!

Miss.Sarah here! It has been way too long since I have updated this for Doro-chan and the others.
I've decided it's easier for me to just post photo stories here rather than trying to write in Doro's voice (I end up blending our personalities too much, bleh)
This means I'll be going backwards and adding all my old photo stories from DM before I start adding new things - although I'm sure everything will be duplicated between here and there.
I wish I'd kept more up to date with this, I have so much work to do now!! But before now I was blocked from Live Journal so I couldn't edit things nicely (like using page cuts!) so it's probably for the best, otherwise anyone reading this would have crazy long entries on their friends page :p

Forgive the backlog! New stuff will come eventually!


Originally uploaded by Miss.Sarah

I'm not sure how to explain this. It didn't really hurt, and then I went to sleep for a bit and I had an arm again but I couldn't move as well. It was really weird. Sarah thought I wouldn't see this photo, but I found it and thought I'd blog it. She went online and ordered something called "obitsu"?? And she keeps reassuring me I'm going to be "ok"

I feel ok now, although my left foot feels weird, like it did when we came to Canada from to Japan, just before I got more flexible overnight. It's a little weird. No, it's REALLY weird.

Anyway, before this happened Sarah took a bunch of other photos. I will share them with you one at a time ;)

Rumors abound

Showing off obitsu
Originally uploaded by Miss.Sarah

There has been this buzz around the cottage lately. It's not just the usual caffeine buzz (wow, they love their coffee here!) it's something else.

I'm fairly certain Sarah said we're going to China soon. She keeps saying she doesn't want to say too much and jinx it. I think she's being a bit silly. I want to know what's going on!

She's also been spending a lot of time looking at "Pullip" online... is she going to replace me?? I'm worried! I hear her talk about "Haute" and "Prunella" a lot... I think I'm way cuter than them both combined.

I'm really being left in the dark here! She's even been knitting socks that apparently aren't for me! How suspicious is that??

I'll let you know what's going on as soon as I find out!

Sleeping on the job

Pajama Pants
Originally uploaded by Miss.Sarah

I was going to show everyone my new pants yesterday!
I forgot T_T

Here's a photo of them. They are super comfy! Especially after playing in the snow all afternoon.

Did I tell you about that? I got to play in the snow! It was really cold... and wet... but I made a snowman, so that was fun. I still don't have pants to wear outside, so I had to wear my monkey suit >_<;

Sarah has been getting really excited about something called "pay day" ... is that a holiday? Anyway, she was calling around to make sure her bank account and credit cards are ok and then she spent a lot of time looking at shops online. She wouldn't let me peek though. She said it's not a surprise, but she doesn't want to disappoint me if she can't afford it.

What is "it"? What is she up to? I think she's trying to keep me sleepy so she can sneak around... >_>

Another traveller?

February 16th
Originally uploaded by Miss.Sarah

Before we left Japan this girl came and stayed with us for one night.
She was really cute, sweet and a little quiet. I hoped she would stay, but she was on her way to England!

I wonder if she made it there safely?? Sarah has been checking on someone called "Cianni" to see if she arrived ok. Travel is a little scary, but at least I was nice and comfy on the plane - I think the post system must be really scary!

Relaxing at the Cottage

Relaxing at the Cottage
Originally uploaded by Miss.Sarah

There isn't a lot going on right now. Sarah finished my socks though, don't they look awesome? They are really cosy.

I've been enjoying the free time at the cottage. My DS keeps me busy enough. It's a little lonely though. Sarah has been busy trying to make clothes for me so she's been forgetting to take photos of me.

Sarah made me some nice cosy pajama pants. Hopefully she will take a photo of them tomorrow! I really like them, maybe she'll make a matching top?

I'm in Canada!

It was a long trip to get here! Sarah took a couple photos on the way, I hope she uploads them soon!!

I think our flight was 11 hours from Nagoya to San Francisco, then we waited a while, then we had another 5 hours from SF to Toronto! I was so tired and sore. I hurt my foot too, but Sarah did something weird to me yesterday and I feel ok now, although a little "floppy" ... maybe she'll take some photos soon so you can see what I mean.

It's a little weird here, there are all these new people to meet, I think they are Cory's family, and it's really quiet. Sarah says we're in the country - what country? Isn't Canada a country? I'm so confused!!

There is a lot of snow here, it's piled up so high! I think I heard someone say there is supposed to be more snow coming soon. It's so different from Osaka! In Osaka there were flowers blooming outside! Here everything is sort of white and brown with a few green tress.

Sarah finished my socks for me, I can't wait to show them to everyone! She also made me a scarf, and she's almost finished a white sweater for me, although it looks a bit weird (she says it's not her fault, it's the first time she's made a tiny sweater) Maybe she'll take photos later?

I'm really looking forward to having a donut in Canada. I liked the ones I got to try at Mister.Donut in Japan, but Sarah says her favorite donut has always been donuts with rainbow sprinkles. I wonder if it's any good? Cory seems really excited about going to a place called Tim Hortons - he came home with coffee from there yesterday and was really excited for some reason.

Today I hope I can play in the snow since my foot is feeling better! I'm also supposed to be meeting some new people today, I think they are related to Cory?? I'm a bit nervous, but also my hair is a mess! How can I meet new people like this? I want to make Sarah upload photos today too... I hope she gets on that soon!